HARRY : The hedgehog café
ID: LAB-01-0001
Format: HD

Tokyo, Japan, Roppongi district. There are a variety of unique cafes in Japan with an animal theme, from cat cafes, to owl and reptile cafes, and a new addition to this trend is growing in popularity, drawing people from all over the world to its doors. “HARRY” is the first of its kind, and the hedgehogs that serve as its main attraction charm its visitors with their cuteness. At the cafe, you can touch, feed (if you want), and even buy the adorably fluffy animals. Each customer has their own reasons for coming. Some come to relieve stress and some come to see what it is like to play with a hedgehog before they buy one. The hedgehogs’ spines freak some people out, but the staff is there to explain how to properly communicate with the animals so as not to frighten them. The way the hedgehogs move and roll up into little balls is so cute that anyone finding themselves stressed out in the big city is sure to smile when they see them.