News from Dearborn
ID: RRA-01-0003
Format: HD
Location: Mitchigan, USA.

?Dearborn, Michigan -- Weather Observers Report New Ways to Ensure Favorable Trade Winds for 1938.?<br /> View of large fan turning - man at control panel - Ford truck in weather testing tunnel - view of truck in tunnel through window in front of control panel, man operating controls - view of heating mechanism in tunnel - pipes in tunnel - view of aerometer in operation - large fan at end of tunnel in operation - views of refrigerating pipes - ice and snow on car - close-up of control panel, hands working controls - view of heating unit - controls - fan - control panel - view of wheel of car on treadmill, wheel turning, hooked up to dynamometer - different views of meters - men watching controls and meters.<br /> ?Science in overalls is on the job. Scenes behind-the-scenes show why and how.?<br /> Views of men in testing laboratories conducting different tests on raw materials and parts.<br /> ?Inside story moves outside as science sits behind the wheel.?<br /> Aerial view of testing track, cars on track - men standing beside track taking notes on test - view from inside car on track - driver relieving driver in car - men taking notes beside track - aerial views of track - two 1938 Fords moving around track, stopping, facing camera.<br /> ?America?s most popular car becomes -?<br /> ?Two thoroughly modern cars for 1938.?<br /> Two cars moving down test track toward camera, one labeled ?Deluxe? the other ?Standard? - Ford Standard on turntable inside showroom - view from inside Standard moving on track, stopping - close-up of interior and exterior of car, woman seated inside - car moving on track - Ford Deluxe on turntable in showroom - close-ups of exterior - man opening door, looking inside - views of interior of car, man sitting behind steering wheel - car stopped on track, man opening trunk, taking out luggage - car moving on test track, Cape Cod windmill in background - two cars moving toward camera, stopping. [1937]