Extract from The Queen Mother in Colour
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The Queen Mother Her Reign in Colour tells the story of the Queen Mother's most important years as she and the nation were transformed by the tumultuous events of the middle of our century. When her brother-in-law, Edward VIII ascended to the throne in 1936, the course of the life of Elizabeth, Duchess of York seemed to be set. She would be part of the Royal Family, but not a prominent member. The limelight would fall on her brother-in-law, the new King. The beguiling influence of Wallis Simpson changed all that when Edward chose to abdicate, so that he could marry his American divorcee. Britain was thrown into constitutional crisis and Elizabeth and her husband - soon to be King George VI - were propelled onto centre stage. The rest is history: a catastrophic war; a sometimes gentle, sometimes forceful encouragement of a shy husband/monarch; and a life-long love affair with the British people, finally culminating in the simple national accolade, 'Queen Mum'. Now, with the Queen Mother in her 102nd year, a startling new view of these crucial years has come to light. Nearly two dozen colour films have recently been discovered that offer a remarkably fresh insight into the period of the Queen Mother's reign as Consort to King George VI.NORTH AMERICA RIGHTS ONLY. A RIGHTS CHECK WILL NEED TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE RELEASE OF MASTER