Old man dressed like a high-school girl
ID: LAB-01-0007
Format: HD

Have you heard about the ???High school girl??? in Tokyo everyone???s been talking about these past few years on twitter and other social networks? Hideaki Kobayashi, 54 years old, works at a printing company and on the weekends he goes out in a girl???s high school uniform. He says he has a lot of reasons for wearing the uniform, but his initial inspiration was a campaign for free ramen for anyone over 30 wearing a high school girl uniform that his friend told him about. At first he wondered what would happen if he wore the uniform, but unexpectedly, nothing came of it.<br /><br />After he started wearing the uniform, he traveled to Tokyo, Osaka, and other cities. He even went to France and China in uniform, where he attracted lots of attention; many tweets were written about him and he started to become known as ???that old man wearing a girl???s sailor uniform.??? <br /><br />Now, he is also popular among teens, and was invited as a guest to the ???Cinderella Festival,??? a high school girls only event. At the event, he was asked to promote a game developed by a group of high school girls. When he stood at the booth, many girls asked if they could take their pictures with him, a middle aged man wearing a sailor uniform. <br /><br />As we sat observing him surrounded by all these young girls, we felt like it???s not just the uniform that drew people to him, but his character as well. We even heard that there is a rumor with the girls that if you meet him, you will find deep and true happiness.