Movie Talk with Jean-Paul Gaultier
ID: 3DD-01-0069
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French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier discusses his extraordinary career working as a costume designer on a whole list of legendary movies. He remembers being 12 years old and seeing the French film Falbalas (Paris Frills) 1945 and knowing from this moment that he had to pursue a career in fashion. The costume that made Gaultier famous was the one he designed for Madonna on her Blonde Ambition tour. The two artists collaborated and shared the same creative vision, it was an amazing experience for him. The Cook, the thief, His Wife & Her Lover 1989 a film with opulence, decadence and gluttony. Gaultier had a great time designing provocative outfits for Helen Mirren who he describes as 'Very nice, beautiful, exquisite'. Gaultier enjoys supporting the directors creativity, he admires them so much, he couldn't direct a movie, he feels like he doesn't have the patience or brainpower. The City of Lost Children 1995 the director Jean-Pierre Jeunet who created an extraordinary world, he constructed a beautiful set in a studio outside of Paris. Gaultier felt very at home, an easy job as he felt very insinct with Jennet's vision. Collaborating with french director Luc Besson came next, the cult move Subway 1985 and then The Fifth Element 1997 which was more of a Hollywood and achieved international success. Set in the future, this allowed Gaultier to be as spectacular and futuristic as possible but always bearing in mind it was an action film, so the costumes had to move with the actors. Gaultier goes on to discuss working with Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, Bad Education 2004 where he dressed the actor Gael Garcia Bernal, it began with him being masculine and then slowly throughout the film becoming more feminine, ending with him completely in drag. The Skin I live In 2011 a controversial film about a plastic surgeon developing a new kind of skin to help burn victims, Gaultier designed the costume skin for the film, it was a hugely important element of the movie, however, he regrets not using a different fabric on retrospect. Gaultier is hugely inspired by London, he frequently visits to soak up the atmosphere, he loves the street culture and designs clothes with this in mind, Punk being a massive inspiration to him. He loves the London spirit, the humour and the beauty.