Movie Talk with Andrea Riseborough
ID: 3DD-01-0015
Format: HD

British actress Andrea Riseborough discusses her film The Silent Storm 2014 filmed on a deserted island off the coast of Scotland, completely cut off from the rest of the world, with no technology. Riseborough describes feeling at the mercy of nature whilst filming and also talks of her mysterious character, who has a lot of unanswered questions. Riseborough trained at RADA and her break out moment was being cast by the BBC to play the lead role in the TV film Margaret Thatcher 2008. The Long Walk to Finchley, also 2008 follows next. Riseborough says her character in this film was 'incredibly exciting' to play, she talks about the BBC being brave in casting her as she was a complete unknown. Brighton Rock 2010 Riseborough loved playing her character Rose, one of the strongest characters she's played because she wears her heart on her sleeve. Riseborough also enjoyed watching her fellow co-stars Helen Mirren and John Hurt at work. W.E 2011 Riseborough discusses meeting the director Madonna for the first time to talk about the film and her particular character Wallace Simpson. Riseborough tells of the extraordinary circus like process, the premiere at the Venice Film Festival and the huge promotion of the film. Shadow Dancer 2012 a tense thriller set in Northern Ireland based on The Troubles, Riseborough was conscious of honouring the subject matter. Oblivion 2013 her first Hollywood Blockbuster movie starring Tom Cruise who was very down to earth and always there to guide her if needed, she talks about the huge Sci-Fi sets but adds that no matter what the size - the collective creative group of people always share the same attitude and get behind the film. Birdman 2014 she goes on talk about working with Michael Keaton and praising his honesty and work ethic. Rise borough closes by saying she would love to play a part like Keaton's in Beetlejuice because it's such a fantastically physical comedic role, she has always been influenced by Peter Sellers, but these roles are hard to come by for a woman so she might write it for herself.