Movie Talk with Jonathan Pryce
ID: 3DD-01-0027
Format: HD

British Actor Jonathan Pryce discusses his character Shylock from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice he performed at the Globe Theatre. Pryce says previously he didn't want to do the play, believing it to be racist and anti-semitic, and adds that he considered the theatre to be a 'tourist theatre'. Pryce now admits to his joy of performing there, a wonderful space with a fantastic buzz, he now understands that of course the play is actually about racism, therefore important to perform. Game Of Thrones 2015 is discussed next. Pryce admits he's not a fan of anything fantasy related and had previously turned down a role in the TV series. However, the second time they offered him a role of the High Sparrow, he decided to take it because the character changes the plot, it's a significant character. Listen Up Philip 2014 an indie film in which he plays a washed up old writer. Pryce goes on to talk about how he loves working with young film makers, it's rewarding to bring his vast experience to their projects. Pryce enthuses - his film Brazil 1985 is universally loved, so he gets instant credit for that. Directed by Terry Gilliam, Pryce explains this iconic film was made on a relatively 'small budget' of 12 million dollars, resulting in a very indie-type feel to the piece. Pryce reflects on its timeless popularity, and regards it as very clever of Gilliam to film retro-futurism. Jumping Jack Flash 1986, his first hollywood film, Pryce talks about being on screen for only 1 min 40 secs but it's the one role people mention to him the most. Tomorrow Never Dies 1997, Pryce talks about playing a very credible villain, a media mogul out to destroy Bond, saying he was very much attracted to the part due to its realistic narrative. He goes on to talk about the 'Bond circus and living the Bond dream' filming and promoting the film internationally. Evita 1996 follows this. Pyrce talks about the shoot and working with Madonna whom he describes as very hardworking and in turn great to work with. Carrington 1995, the original director Mike Newell was set to make the film but instead went off to film Four Weddings and A Funeral. It was Emma Thompson who persuaded Christopher Hampton to actually direct the script he had written himself. Pirates of the Caribbean 2006 Pryce reflects on this idyllic shoot where he 'got to swan around the Caribbean'. The last project discussed is Ronin 1998 Pyrce describes filming the car chase scenes through the tunnels in Paris, a very dangerous and exciting shoot, the stunt men quit as they thought it was too dangerous, so director John Frankenheimer hired racing drivers instead.