Movie Talk with Rupert Everett
ID: 3DD-01-0033
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Rupert Everett discusses playing royalty throughout his career and playing King George sixth in the film A Royal Night Out 2015. The film follows the two Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret on the night of V.E Day in 1945 where they celebrate with the rest of London. Everett discusses how worrying it was for the King that Britain was about to enter a new age and also what the end of the war would mean for the country. Another Country 1984 directed by Alan Parker is the next film discussed, where Everett plays alongside Colin Firth. The film was low budget but having been shot on film, it looks astonishing and beautiful. As the film is about a gay relationship and was deemed controversial at the time, rather than being career-suicide, Everett is very proud and was happy the film did so well both critically and financially. Everett also points out it did very well in America. Dance with a Stranger 1985 alongside the actress Miranda Richardson makes him feel very nostalgic for the past. Again shot on film adding to the depth and mystery. Everett then discusses his move to Paris to work in European films, a venture that never really took off due to the restraints of French and Italian cinema. Prêt-à-Porter 1994 directed by Robert Altman is discussed next, Everett says the film's look is not as opulent as it should have been. However, the working method of Altman was incredible fun, especially as they filmed at real life fashion parties during Paris Fashion Week. My Best Friends Wedding 1997 is briefly mentioned as a classy, big Hollywood film. Shrek 2 2004 is the last film discussed where Everett provides the voice of Prince Charming. He recorded the role all over the world only meeting his fellow cast members at the Premier and on the promotional tour, he loves the films and had a great time. Everett doesn't choose his films but takes whatever comes along.