Movie Talk with Francois Ozon
ID: 3DD-01-0063
Format: HD

The French film-maker discusses his film In the House 2012 that stars British actress Kristin Scott Thomas and is mixed genre - it can be described as a thriller/comedy. Potiche 2010 is the next film discussed, a film which is a nod to the 1970's and 1980's starring the brilliant Fabrice Luchini playing the villain alongside Charlotte Rampling. Ozon is credited as the director who has resurrected Rampling's career. 8 Women 2002 is the next film discussed which is a musical and a murder mystery. Eight very famous women were cast including Catherine Deneuve and Emmanuelle Beart, Ozon had to be very diplomatic and polite to the big stars on set. Under the Sand 2000 again starring Charlotte Rampling was a difficult film to finance because it was about a middle aged woman grieving but they went on to shoot the film in less time on a lower budget and get it made. The film was a beautiful success. Swimming Pool 2003 in which Rampling again stars - playing a very conservative Englishwoman who meets a young free spirited girl, a murder mystery set in the beautiful South of France. 5x2 2004 is a film about a doomed relationship with the narrative playing backwards so the film has a really happy ending. Angel 2007 featuring Romola Garai an English period film that didn't do well, it flopped. Ozon admits it was very difficult to identify with. Ozon says casting big names in movies helps with the marketing side but does not necessarily make them successful financially. He loves shooting and generally makes a film a year. He mentions briefly his next film Jeune & Jolie starring Charlotte Rampling and Marine Vacth.