Movie Talk with Terence Stamp
ID: 3DD-01-0099
Format: HD

British actor Terence Stamp discusses his amazing film career, amassing over 60 films. A Song for Marion 2012 clip is shown, and he reflects on his career as being varied and extraordinary. A clip of the film Poor Cow 1967 is shown. He details how he was cast for his would be screen debut in the film Billy Budd 1962, directed by Peter Ustinov. Stamp was so starstruck he could barley speak at the audition, revealing it was his awkward silence that won him the lead role of Billy. His portrayal led to a Golden Globe Award in America. Stamp then relates his fervent desire to act from a young age, actually earning money from his passion was 'living his dream'. Next is Far from the Madding Crowd 1967, where Stamp didn't get on with the first director John Schlesinger but did with his replacement Nicolas Roeg, recalling how they shot the famous sword scene together. Stamp next discusses his move in to 'European Cinema' where he filmed Theorem 1968 directed by Pasolini. Stamp recalls a period of fully eight years where he didn't work - 'couldn't get arrested' - and to this day doesn't know why. He talks of being heavily associated with the Sixties and wonders if when the decade was over, perhaps so was he. Stamp then went to India to live on an ashram, it was here he received a telegram from his agent asking him to return to meet with the director Richard Donner for the film Superman also starring Marlon Brando. This was to be Stamp's 'come back' role and he reflects on working alongside the legendary Brando who he describes as incredibly funny, charming and of course hugely talented. Following this is The Hit 1984 where Stamp talks of how liberating it was to not be seen as the 'leading man' as he was happy to be a supporting actor which broadened the horizons. The Limey 1999 Stamp discusses working with the director Steven Soderbergh and his vicious, cockney character being a world away from his role in Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert 1994 in which he plays a drag queen who sings and dances her way around the Outback of Australia. Song for Marion 2012 is where Stamp discusses how effortless and enjoyable filming alongside Vanessa Redgrave, Gemma Arterton and Christopher Eccleston was. 60 films later and he's still filming and enjoying his long running career. Stamp now mentions the song Waterloo Sunset apparently being written about him and Julie Christie in the previously mentioned Far from the Madding Crowd, he alludes to possible love affair.